Last updated: 16.03.2019

Editor's Comments

Dear PowerPlant Chemistry readers:

While writing these comments, we are in the final stages of editing the articles and putting together the final shape of this issue. The first issue of this year is being published with a delay and not as planned in our editorial schedule. The main reason for this is the changes in our publishing house, which have meant a lot of extra work over the past three months.

As you might already have noticed, the PowerPlant Chemistry® journal is being published under a new company since the beginning of this year. More details about this change are given in the announcement inside the front cover of the print issue.

To give you a bit more information on the changes in the publishing house, I decided to conduct an interview with Michael Rziha, who joined us on February 1 as the Chief Key Expert for Plant Chemistry. You can find the interview and the announcement here.

The main message I would like to convey to all of our readers is the following: the journal will remain an independent and valuable source of power plant chemistry related information. The PowerPlant Chemistry® journal has been published for more than 19 years, with its 20th anniversary coming up in summer 2019. This milestone will be celebrated with the July/August 2019 journal issue. PPCHEM AG will continue publishing the journal in the same well-established manner and with the same publishing policies as before.

There will be one big change though: as we have been preparing a new homepage for the company (, we have decided to also design a new webpage for the journal. The webpage will be available for the 20-year anniversary this summer. With the new webpage we will be able to offer a new way of subscribing to our digital journal (E-paper and online access) as well; we will keep you updated and will inform all of our subscribers as soon as the final form of the webpage is ready.

There will likely still be some unanswered questions even after you read all the information about the changes in the publishing house; please don't hesitate to contact me directly by e-mail or phone to get the answers to your open questions – I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Tapio Werder
Editor in Chief
PowerPlant Chemistry® Journal

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