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February 2019

Waesseri GmbH becomes PPCHEM AG

PowerPlant Chemistry® Interview and Announcement
Tapio Werder
On January 1st, 2019, the publishing house Waesseri GmbH was transformed into the new company PPCHEM AG. To introduce this change to our readers, Tapio Werder, Editor in Chief of the PowerPlant Chemistry® journal, talks to Michael Rziha, Chief Key Expert for Plant Chemistry at PPCHEM AG.
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January 2013

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Influence of Temperature on Electrical Conductivity of Diluted Aqueous Solutions
Heinz Wagner
PowerPlant Chemistry 2012, 14(7), 455-469
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October 2012

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Highlights – International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam 2012 Meeting
Press Release by IAPWS
PowerPlant Chemistry 2012, 14(9), 558–559
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May 2010

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Effects of Steam Sample Degassing on CCGT Station Start-up Profile
Peter J. Clark
PowerPlant Chemistry 2010, 12(4), 246–251
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July 2007

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PowerPlant Chemistry Interview with Dr. Victor Marcu

PowerPlant Chemistry 2007, 10(7), 408–409
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February 2007

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The Mechanism of Action of Isothiazolone Biocides
Terry M. Williams
PowerPlant Chemistry 2007, 9(1), 14–22
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September 2006

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On the Uptake Mechanisms of Organics from Natural Water – Investigations with Strong and Weak Base Ion Exchangers and Their Corresponding Copolymers
Volker Ender, Thomas Schumann, Susanne Sachs, and Gert Bernhard
PowerPlant Chemistry 2006, 8(9), 541-549
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